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Non Executive Director for the company

Non executive director does not have fun with the day-to-day control over the firm. Non Executive Directors are often involved with planning and policy making, and is sometimes included to lend prestige for the firm due to his / her waiting in the city. Non-executive directors are anticipated to monitor and challenge the performance with the executive directors and the management, and to have a determined stand in the interests of the firm and its stakeholders. They can be held equally liable as the executive directors under certain statutory requirements such as tax laws. Also referred to as external director, independent director, and out director. Frank Blin

The non-executive directors would not have service contracts but will have letters of appointment detailing the cornerstone of these appointment. The non executive directors are usually appointed for two consecutive three-year terms at the mercy of review after the end from the first three-year period with any third term of three years being at the mercy of rigorous review and taking into consideration the necessity progressively to refresh the Board. They don't have periods of notice as well as the Company does not have any obligation to pay for compensation when their appointment terminates. They may be subject to re-election at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) following their appointment and subsequently at intervals of a maximum of 3 years.
Dr Frank Blin
Non-executive directors are proposed through the Nominations Committee and are appointed through the Board based on their experience to supply independent judgement on problems with strategy, performance, resources and standards of conduct. The letters of appointment for non-executive directors detail just how long it is anticipated how the individual will have to dedicate to their duties like a director, being 15 days annually plus additional commitment for chairing a committee or undertaking the role of Senior Independent Director. The level of their fees is placed through the Non-Executive Directors' Fees Committee to reflect this time around commitment and responsibility, after reviewing practice in other comparable companies.

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